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Amsterdam Steakhouse

738 Calories37 Sins

Angriest Whopper

821 Calories41 Sins

Angry Angus

742 Calories37 Sins

Angry Whopper

763 Calories38 Sins

Angus Bacon & Cheese

704 Calories35 Sins

Angus Bacon & Cheese - Double

1012 Calories51 Sins

Angus Classic XT

578 Calories29 Sins

Angus Classic XT - Double

817 Calories41 Sins

Angus Supreme

1237 Calories62 Sins

Angus Three Pepper

787 Calories39 Sins

Bacon Double Cheeseburger

375 Calories19 Sins

Big King With Triple Bun

551 Calories28 Sins

Black Whopper

722 Calories36 Sins

Brioche Steakhouse

816 Calories41 Sins

California Fresh Whopper

640 Calories32 Sins


304 Calories15 Sins

Chicago Steakhouse

744 Calories37 Sins

Crunchy BBQ Whopper

628 Calories31 Sins

Crunchy Steakhouse

764 Calories38 Sins

Double Cheeseburger

433 Calories22 Sins

Double Chilli Cheeseburger

526 Calories26 Sins

Double Steakhouse Burger

988 Calories49 Sins

Double Whopper

838 Calories42 Sins

Double Whopper Bacon & Cheese

951 Calories48 Sins


263 Calories13 Sins

Improved Angus

824 Calories41 Sins

Italian Cheese Whopper

936 Calories47 Sins

Long Cheeseburger

574 Calories29 Sins

Meat Lover Whopper

722 Calories36 Sins

Mushroom Double Cheeseburger

439 Calories22 Sins

Party in the Park Meat Lovers

725 Calories36 Sins

Quarter Pound Cheeseburger

570 Calories29 Sins

Quattro Cheese Whopper

920 Calories46 Sins

Rodeo BBQ Beef

360 Calories18 Sins

Rodeo Double

486 Calories24 Sins

Spicy BBQ Steakhouse

710 Calories36 Sins

Steakhouse Burger

763 Calories38 Sins

Texas Crunchy Whopper

929 Calories46 Sins

Triple Whopper

1067 Calories53 Sins

Veggie Bean Burger

412 Calories21 Sins

Veggie Bean Burger With Pickle

397 Calories20 Sins


609 Calories30 Sins
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