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Baking on a Diet

Baking on a Diet

Who says when you're making a life style change (dieting) 'you can't eat cake'? I say BAH! What utter rubbish!

The NEW Weight Watchers 'Bakes' cook book is a god send for cake lovers and I've totally been getting my inner baker on, eating cake and still losing weight!

Check out these I've tried so far… they are so good!

Strawberry Bakewell: 5sp per piece
(Mr Kipling Bakewell, 9sp)

White Chocolate Blondies, 4sp per piece
(Crown Carveries version, 19sp)

Black Bean Chocolate Cake, 5sp per piece
(Hungry Horse Brownie, 31sp)

Gingerbread Biscotti, 3sp per piece (or in my case 2sp as I cut smaller pieces)
(Starbucks Almond Biscotti, 8sp)

Why not give some of these a try… or buy the book yourself from a meeting or on the Weight Watchers website.


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