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Calorie and weight loss points values for all foods




Beetroot salad (100g), 1.5
Beef casserole, 392g (canned), 3.5
BBQ chicken kebabs, 1 (per kebab)

Crinkle cut oven chips (100g baked), 2
Crayfish salad with rice (chilled), 3
Cauliflower cheese, frozen (350g pack), 4.5

Fish cakes (frozen 10 pack), 1 (each)

Good life hake provencal (frozen), 1 (per pack)
Good life tuna layered pasta salad, 2 (per pack)
Good life sweet chilli chicken noodle salad, 2.5

Healthy Living oven chips, frozen (100g), 1.5

Italian pasta salad (250G Pack), 1.5

Liver and bacon with mashed potato (400g pack frozen), 2.5
Loved by us prawn layered salad, 3 (per pack)

Moroccan style couscous, 1.5 (per pack)

Roast beef dinner, frozen, 7.5 (per pack)

Thai Prawn & Salmon Fishcakes, 3.5 (each)
Tomato and Mediterranean herb couscous, 1 (per pack)
Truly irresistible moroccan couscous (100g), 2.5
Truly irresistible salmon in white wine sauce, half pack, 3.5
Thai Green chicken curry (340g pack), 7

Spaghetti bolognese, frozen 400g pack, 3.5
Simply value oven chips, frozen per 100g, 2
Steak cut oven chips (100g frozen), 2.5
Sweet and sour chicken with rice, frozen (per 400g pack), 2.5
Salmon fillets with a chilli, ginger and lime infusion, 0.5 (each)
Spicy chicken pasta salad (100g), 2.5
Sweet and sour chicken (350g pack), 6.5

Free Foods

Beef joint in gravy, frozen
Beef slices in gravy, frozen

Corn on the cob, frozen 4 pack

Loved by Us red salmon, canned

Mini ham joint, honey roast

Pastrami slices

Simply value instant mashed potato (dried)

Thai jasmine rice, dried

Whole foods quinoa, dried
White rice steamer, frozen 200g sachet

Healthy Choices

175ml, Loved By Us UHT whole milk

50g slice, wholemeal tin loaf
1 medium slice, loved by us wholemeal farmhouse bread
1 slice, truly irresistible wholemeal seeded batch bread
400g, Chunky chilli beef meal soup
400g, Loved by us vegetable soup

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