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AM3EJ8 Potato crisps spilling from packet. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

If like me you prefer savory snacks, a packet of crisps can be a very temping but dangerous treat against your waistline. However their are some that aren't too high on the syn scale, so hopefully my comprehensive list will help you choose the right ones to have.

French Fries - 4.5

Hula Hoops - 9

Quavers - 5.5

Skips - 4.5
Snack A Jacks Cheese 26g Bag - 5.5
Snack A Jacks Jumbo Chocolate Biscuit - 3
Snack A Jacks Jumbo Per Biscuit - All (Except Chocolate) - 2.5
Snack A Jacks Salt N Vinegar Popcorn - 3.5

Twiglets 30g - 7

Walkers (34.5g) - All Flavours - 9
Walkers Max 55g - 14.5
Wotsits - 5.5

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