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I did it!

I did it!

Hi everyone,

On January 13th this year I made the decision that having spent a decade unhappy with my weight, that I would finally commit 100% to my weight loss. The picture on the left is me at 16 and a half stone. The picture on the right is me now - over the last 10 months I have lost over 6 stone. Yay!

I even made it into the local newspaper! Here's the link.

Although this blog started with a bias towards Slimming World, I achieved this weight loss with Weight Watchers. I am so thankful for the Weight Watchers plan - it has succeeded in doing what other systems have simply failed to achieve.

The Weight Watchers plan worked for me over Slimming World mainly for the following reasons:

1. The Weight Watchers app is fantastic
For me, the Weight Watchers app is much better than Slimming World's app. It's much easier to navigate and makes tracking so simple and fast. The Weight Watchers app also offers a much more interactive experience - there's a Facebook-style social experience called 'Connect', where people share their thoughts, feelings, recipes, pictures, inspirations - the list goes on. It's quite motivating to see the success of others, and it's a great way to get ideas for your next meal (or snack!).

2. Slimming World has too many 'free' foods
With Weight Watchers there are substantially fewer 'zero point' foods than there are 'free' foods on Slimming World. I like the reassurance of controlled portion sizes for foods high in carbohydrates like pasta, rice and potatoes. It seems common sense that unlimited portions of these foods cannot lead to weight loss. Interesting that the NHS in their top diets review for 2017 express some doubt regarding long term success with Slimming World due to the lack of education around calories and portion sizes, whereas Weight Watchers is described as 'generally well balanced and can be a foundation for long-term changes in dietary habits'.

3. Weight Watchers does have 'zero point' foods!
There are some great foods that are classed as 'zero point' foods - most fruits and vegetables, lentils and pulses, eggs, chicken, turkey and many varieties of fish. These are all low calorie foods, and with some creativity there is a whole lot you can do!

4. You get a substantial weekly points allowance
In addition to your daily points allowance, the amount of points you have reserved for 'weekly' use is enough to allow some guilt free indulgence. The points can be used however you like - some prefer to use them gradually throughout the week, but others choose to save them up for a special treat. For example, I would regularly have a takeaway with my hubby using saved up points, and still lose weight, every week without fail.

So, in summary, I'm so happy!

I simply cannot thank Weight Watchers enough - hopefully this blog post will inspire some of you to give it a try, and that will be a small thank you from me to Weight Watchers!


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