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M & S (Marks & Spencer)

M & S (Marks & Spencer)


General Values

Baked potatoes with mature cheddar cheese, 3.5 (per potato)

Count on Us, Chicken Arrabiata with Penne Pasta, chilled (380g pack), 6
Count on Us, Ham and mushroom pizza, 10 (for half)
Count on Us, Pasta Salad with Fajita Style Chicken (340g pack), 6
Count on Us, Pasta Salad with Mozzarella & Sweet Plum Tomatoes (255g pot), 3
Count on Us, Chicken in creamy mushroom sauce, 4.5
Count on Us, chicken & vegetable chow mein, 4.5

Eat Well, Pasta Salad with Honey & Mustard Chicken (200g pot), 6.5

Fuller Longer, Roasted Chicken with Orzo Pasta & Garbanzo Beans, chilled (230g pack), 6
Fuller Longer, Pulled ham in mustard sauce, 2.5 (per pack)
Fuller Longer, Roasted beef meatballs & spaghetti, 5.5 (per pack)

Piri Piri potatoes, 4.5 (per pack)
Premium chipolata sausages, 2 (each)

Root Bourbignon, 1 (per pack)

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni, 6.5 (per pack)

Teriyaki beef salad bites, 2 (per pack)

Vietnamese style marinated pork salad bites, 2 (per pack)


Count On Us braised british steak
Chunky steak, canned
Hake fillet with harissa and Roquito peppers

Healthy Choices

2 slices, Lighter Leerdammer

2, Mini Wholemeal Submarine Rolls
35g, Fruit & Fibre Muesli
300g, Super Vegetable Fresh Soup

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