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General Values

Eat Smart Bars:
Blueberry & Cream, 3.5
Chewy Choc Brownie, 3.5
Chewy Cranberry, 4.5
Chewy Strawberry cheesecake, 3.5
Toffee Apple, 4.5
Toffee Breakfast, 3.5

Morrisons Signature Mini All Butter Pastry Cases 9 pack, 2.5 (each)

NUME Dressings (per teaspoon):
Honey mustard, 1
Garlic & Herb, 0.5
French, 0.5
Thousand Island, 0.5
Caesar, 0.5
Soy & Chilli Ginger - 0.5

NUME Crisps (per bag):
Dried apple, 2.5
Carrot, 2.5
Beetroot crisps, 2.5

NUME sausages:
Pork, 1 (each)
Cumberland, 1 (each)


BBQ Chicken Slices, Chilled
Black Forest Fruits, Frozen

Carvery Roast Beef Slices, Chilled
Carvery Roast Pork Slices, Chilled
Chicken Tikka Strips, Chilled
Chinese Style Pork Slices, Chilled

Dry Cured Honey Roast Ham, Chilled

Fat Free Fromage Frais
Fishmoriger Seafood Sticks
Flame Grilled Chicken Pieces, Chilled
Frozen Atlantic Salmon
Frozen Basa Fillets
Frozen Cod Fillets
Frozen Cooked & Peeled Prawns
Frozen Garnmonjoin with a Sticky Orange Glaze
Frozen Gammonjoint with a Pineapple & Honey Glaze
Frozen King Prawns
Frozen Tuna Steaks

Garlic & Herb Chicken Mini Fillets, Chilled
Ginger, Chilli & Coriander King Prawns, Chilled

Kitchen Bacon Loin with Parsley Sauce, Chilled
Kitchen Beef Bourguignon, Chilled
Kitchen Beef Brisketjoint with Gravy, Chilled
Kitchen Bistro Lamb Shank Cacciatore, Chilled
Kitchen Lamb Rack with a Herb Crust, Chilled
Kitchen Salmon with a Soy, Honey & Ginger Glaze, Chilled
Kitchen Shin of Beef Casserole, Chilled

Lamb Steaks with Pea & Mint Crumb, Chilled

Mediterranean Chicken Strips, Chilled
Morrisons Natural Cottage Cheese virtually Fat free
Morrisons Nume Cottage Cheese with Chive and Onion
Morrisons Stir Fry Vegetables - Canned
Morrisons Tropical Crush Drink, no added sugar
Micro Rice:
Basmati, 1
Pilau, 4
Long Grain, 1.5
Mexican, 1.5
Egg Fried, 4.5
Thai Jasmine, 3.5


NuMe Cottage Cheese with Chive & Onion
NuMe Fat Free Natural Yoghurt
NuMe Fruits of the Forest Yoghurt
NuMe Lemon & Herb Dressing
NuMe Mackerel Fillets with Tomato 8i Red Pepper Dressing, Chilled
NuMe Morrocan Spiced Salmon, Chilled
NuMe Toffee Yoghurt

Party Chicken Tikka Strips, Frozen
Party Indonesian Chicken Strips, Frozen
Party Korma Marinade Chicken Fillets, Frozen
Peppered Beef Slices, Chilled

Signature Applewood Smoked Scottish Salmon, Chilled
Signature Lamb Shanks with Red Currant Gravy & Roasted Vegetables
Sliced Beef in Gravy, Frozen

Turkey Breast Slices, Chilled

Virtually Fat Free Cottage Cheese

Healthy Choices

30g, Morrison Savers Muesli

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