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General Values

BBQ chicken breast slices, 1 (per pack)
Basmati rice (micro), 3 (per pouch)
Be Good to Yourself:
Ham & Roasted Mushroom Tagliatelle, 3.5
Tomato and cheese pasta bake, 4
Beef Lasagne (390g pack), 4.5
Houmous (reduced fat), 1 (per level tbsp)

Canned Beef Casserole (400g), 2.5

Edamame and Butterbean salad, 3 (per pot)

Golden vegetable rice (micro), 2.5 (per pouch)

My Goodness:
Silky Butternut Squash Risotto, 2.5 (per pack)
BBQ Chicken & Sweetcorn with Rice, 5.5 (per pack)
Spicy Pulled Pork & Sweet Potato Mash, 6.5 (per pack)

Pilau Rice (micro), 3 (per pouch)
Piri Piri Chicken Breast Slices, 1 (per pack)

Sainsbury's Tinned Beef Ravioli, 1.5 (per can)
Sainsburys Flying Saucers (20g bag), 3.5
Sainsburys Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled British Pork, 1 (per pack)
Sainsburys Chicken & Mushroom Risotto, 3 (per pack)
Spicy Mexican style rice (micro), 2.5 (per pouch)
Slow Cooked Lamb Shank in mint gravy, 2 (per shank)
Stewed Steak (400g), 1

Taste the Difference:
Fish pie - 4.5 (per pie)
Shredded Lamb and Rosemary Tagliatelle, 6 (per pack)


Be good to yourself natural yoghurt 0.1% Fat
Beanies Flavoured instant coffees

Chinese style savoury rice
Chinese chicken breast slices

Danone Shape 0% Fat Yoghurts (Peach, Strawberry, Rhubarb & Apple)

Golden vegetable savoury rice

Indian style curry savoury rice

Just Cook - Provençal Chicken Breast Fillets w/red and yellow peppers

Lancashire farm fat free natural yoghurt

Sainsbury's Chilli Chunky Beef Pieces
Sainsbury's bulgar wheat
Slow Cooked Lamb Shank in red wine and rosemary gravy

Tinned Spicy Tomato pasta
Tinned Vegetable Chilli
Tikka chicken breast slices

Healthy Choices

35g, Sainsburys Sultana Bran
35g, Sainsburys Scottish Porridge Oats with Oatbran & Wheatbran
35g, Sainsburys puffed wheat cereal
40g, Sainsburys high fibre bran cereal
35g, Sainsburys basics fruit and fibre cereal
2, Sainsburys wholewheat biscuits

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