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Calorie and weight loss points values for all foods

Cold Drinks

Acai Super Berry

255 Calories13 Sins

Almond Protein Power

450 Calories23 Sins

Apple Juice

125 Calories6 Sins

Banana & Cashew Almond Shake

230 Calories12 Sins

Beet Beautiful

200 Calories10 Sins

Berry Blast

239 Calories12 Sins

Blueberry Protein Power

425 Calories21 Sins

Carrot Juice

50 Calories3 Sins

Chocolate Frappe

368 Calories18 Sins

Vanilla Frappe

251 Calories13 Sins

Coconut Crush

168 Calories8 Sins

Coconut Water

66 Calories3 Sins

Pure Pret Still Cranberry & Raspberry

159 Calories8 Sins

Daily Greens

92 Calories5 Sins

Super Green Smoothie

269 Calories13 Sins

Ginger Shot

55 Calories3 Sins

Green Goodness

176 Calories9 Sins

Pure Pret Still Green Tea & Peach

88 Calories4 Sins

Iced Black Tea

0 Calories0 Sins

Trial - 12oz Iced Black Tea & Strawberry

55 Calories3 Sins

Iced Chai Latte

180 Calories9 Sins

Iced Green Tea

0 Calories0 Sins

Iced Green tea with blood orange and pomegranate seeds

50 Calories3 Sins

Kid's Cold Milk

94 Calories5 Sins


63 Calories3 Sins

Large Orange Juice

168 Calories8 Sins

Pure Pret Still Lemon & Ginger

160 Calories8 Sins

Mango Smoothie

145 Calories7 Sins

Meaner Green

120 Calories6 Sins

Pure Pret Still Orange and Passionfruit

133 Calories7 Sins

Orange Juice

105 Calories5 Sins

Passion Pop

209 Calories10 Sins

Pure Pret Sparkling Apple

139 Calories7 Sins

Pure Pret Sparkling Ginger Beer

139 Calories7 Sins

Pure Pret Sparkling Grape & Elderflower

129 Calories6 Sins

Pure Pret Sparkling Yoga Bunny

135 Calories7 Sins

Rhubarb Smoothie

185 Calories9 Sins

Sparkling Lemonade

109 Calories5 Sins

Sparkling Spring Water

0 Calories0 Sins

Water 500ml Still

0 Calories0 Sins

Water 750ml Still

0 Calories0 Sins

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

211 Calories11 Sins

Super Green

302 Calories15 Sins

Vitamin Volcano

163 Calories8 Sins
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