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Beef and Chianti Girasole

431 Calories22 Sins


328 Calories16 Sins


1064 Calories53 Sins

Calzone Carne Piccante

919 Calories46 Sins

Calzone Di Mare

1067 Calories53 Sins

Chargrilled Chicken Breast - Calabrese

456 Calories23 Sins

Chargrilled Chicken Breast - Gorgonzola

515 Calories26 Sins

Chargrilled Chicken Breast Funghi Sauce

421 Calories21 Sins

Chicken & Asparagus Risotto

576 Calories29 Sins

Chicken & Roasted Pepper Fusilli (Light Option)

493 Calories25 Sins

Chicken and Red Pesto Risotto

651 Calories33 Sins

Chicken Andria

310 Calories16 Sins

Chicken Arribiatta With Tomoatoes, Olives, Fresh Chillieswith Penne Pasta

471 Calories24 Sins

Chicken Calabrese

456 Calories23 Sins

Chicken Ravioli

648 Calories32 Sins

Crab and Lobster Tortelli

622 Calories31 Sins

Fusilli Alla Rusticana

912 Calories46 Sins

Fusilli Gorgonzola (Half & Half)

647 Calories32 Sins

Fusilli Gorgonzola Light

758 Calories38 Sins

Fusilli Gorgonzolla Classic

791 Calories40 Sins

Fussilli With Italian Sausage In An Chilli Sauce With Salad

557 Calories28 Sins

Gamberetti - Classic

776 Calories39 Sins

Gamberetti - Vipizza

944 Calories47 Sins

Gamberetti Light

486 Calories24 Sins

Goat's Cheese & Vegetable Risotto

679 Calories34 Sins

Goat's Cheese Al Forno

746 Calories37 Sins

Italian Burger In Polenta Bun

651 Calories33 Sins

King Prawn Risotto

711 Calories36 Sins


782 Calories39 Sins

Light Fusilli Alla Rusticana

682 Calories34 Sins

Light King Prawn Spagetti

477 Calories24 Sins

Light Option Spaghetti Arrabbiata Half Pasta

379 Calories19 Sins

Light Spaghetti Carbonara

772 Calories39 Sins

Light Spaghetti Carbonara (New Recipe)

581 Calories29 Sins

Light Spaghetti With Lobster (Small With Salad). Menu Data Jan 2014

491 Calories25 Sins

Linguine Al Frutti Di Mare

507 Calories25 Sins

Lobster and Crab Pasta - Estimate

620 Calories31 Sins

Main - Field Mushroom Risotto

596 Calories30 Sins

Meatball Al Forno

935 Calories47 Sins

Meatballs Light

657 Calories33 Sins

Pasta- Bacon, Spaghetti Carbonara

724 Calories36 Sins

Penna Arrabbiata Light Option

383 Calories19 Sins

Penne Al Pollo Zafarano (Half & Half)

506 Calories25 Sins

Penne Al Pollo Zafferano - Classic

703 Calories35 Sins

Penne Al Pollo Zafferano Half Classic From Menu Tc

583 Calories29 Sins

Penne Al Pollo Zafferano Light

633 Calories32 Sins

Penne Amelia

650 Calories33 Sins

Penne Arrabbiata Classic

503 Calories25 Sins

Penne Chicken Arrabbiata ('guilt Free Special')

471 Calories24 Sins

Penne Con Salmon - Light

797 Calories40 Sins

Penne Con Salmone

956 Calories48 Sins

Penne With Wild Mushrooms (Light)

618 Calories31 Sins

Pollo Al Funghi

421 Calories21 Sins

Pollo Carbonara

914 Calories46 Sins

Pollo E Spinachi

455 Calories23 Sins

Pollo Gorgonzola

515 Calories26 Sins

Pollo Mariano

837 Calories42 Sins

Pollo Siciliana

355 Calories18 Sins

Posh Pepperoni

1345 Calories67 Sins

Prosciutto E Funghi - Light (Half Salad)

472 Calories24 Sins

Prosciutto E Funghi Classic

904 Calories45 Sins

Pulled Pork Flatbread (Cals Only)

618 Calories31 Sins

Rigatoni Arrabbiata - Light

383 Calories19 Sins

Rigatoni Bolognese (Light Choice)

526 Calories26 Sins

Rigatoni Con Bufala (Light)

428 Calories21 Sins

Rigatoni Con Buffala Light

428 Calories21 Sins

Rigatoni Con Bufula - Classic

656 Calories33 Sins

Roasted Duck Leg

924 Calories46 Sins

Salmon Fillet

587 Calories29 Sins

Salmon Nicoise

691 Calories35 Sins

Scallop and Prawn Panciotti

635 Calories32 Sins

Spaghetti Arrabbiata

379 Calories19 Sins

Spaghetti Arrabbiatta

379 Calories19 Sins

Spaghetti Arrabiata

380 Calories19 Sins

Spaghetti Bolognaise

653 Calories33 Sins

Spaghetti Bolognese

497 Calories25 Sins

Spaghetti Bolognese Light

526 Calories26 Sins

Spaghetti Bolognese Light Correct

406 Calories20 Sins

Spaghetti Carbonara - Half Classic Tc

684 Calories34 Sins

Spaghetti Meatballs

613 Calories31 Sins

Spaghetti With King Prawns - Classic

494 Calories25 Sins

Spaghetti With King Prawns - Light

447 Calories22 Sins

Spaghetti with King Prawns - Light

447 Calories22 Sins

Spaghetti With Lobster (Classic)

916 Calories46 Sins

Spaghetti With Meat Balls

613 Calories31 Sins

Spaghetti With Tiger Prawns

494 Calories25 Sins

Spicy Beef Pizza

1064 Calories53 Sins

Starter - Tiger Prawns In Tomato With Focaccia Bread

310 Calories16 Sins

Steak and Rocket Executive Pizza

1146 Calories57 Sins

Steak and Rocket Salad

390 Calories20 Sins

Strawberry Eton Mess Cheesecake

464 Calories23 Sins

The Executive

1465 Calories73 Sins

Tiger Prawn - Flat Bread Pizza With Salad

493 Calories25 Sins

Wild Mushroom Girasole

765 Calories38 Sins
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