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Bianca Pizza - Light

483 Calories24 Sins

Classic Bianca Pizza

930 Calories47 Sins

Classic Tre Gusti

1114 Calories56 Sins

Fiorentina Light Pizza & Salad

489 Calories24 Sins

Fiorentina Pizza (Classic)

976 Calories49 Sins

Fiorentina Pizza Light

478 Calories24 Sins

Fiorentina Vipizza

1095 Calories55 Sins

Funghi Classic Pizza

814 Calories41 Sins

Fungi Pizza Light Option

482 Calories24 Sins

Gamberreti Pizza Classic

778 Calories39 Sins

Guilt Free Special - Duo of Salmon Pizza

488 Calories24 Sins

Light Funghi Pizza

482 Calories24 Sins

Light Margarita Pizza

444 Calories22 Sins

Light Pizza - Spicy Beef

505 Calories25 Sins

Light Vegetarian Pizza

486 Calories24 Sins


814 Calories41 Sins

Margherita - Classic

814 Calories41 Sins

Margherita Light Pizza

444 Calories22 Sins

Margherita Pizza (Classic)

814 Calories41 Sins

Mushroom and Spinach Flatbread Pizza With Small Side Salad

471 Calories24 Sins

Pizza - Vesuvio Light

586 Calories29 Sins

Pizza Prosciutto E Funghi - Light

472 Calories24 Sins

Prawn and Lobster Pizza

1178 Calories59 Sins

Proscitto E Fungi Classic Pizza

934 Calories47 Sins

Prosciutto Ham Flatbread Pizza With Salad

555 Calories28 Sins

Proscuittio and Funghi Pizza (Light Option)

472 Calories24 Sins

Pulled Pork Pizza - Classic

983 Calories49 Sins

Pulled Pork Pizza - Light

593 Calories30 Sins

Pulled Pork Pizza - V.i.p

1066 Calories53 Sins

Quatro Stagioni Classic

984 Calories49 Sins

Quatro Stagioni Light

496 Calories25 Sins

Quattro Formaggi Classic

1085 Calories54 Sins

Quattro Formaggi Pizza Light

486 Calories24 Sins

Quattro Stagioni Light

492 Calories25 Sins

Quattro Stagioni Pizza

907 Calories45 Sins

Quattro Stagioni Vip

1167 Calories58 Sins

Salmone Pizza (Light)

519 Calories26 Sins

Tre Gusti - Vip

1362 Calories68 Sins

Tre Gusti Pizza

1138 Calories57 Sins

Tre Gusti Pizza (Light Option)

577 Calories29 Sins

Vegetarian -Classic - Pizza

917 Calories46 Sins

Vegetarian Light Option

486 Calories24 Sins

Vegetarian Pizza - Vipizza

1023 Calories51 Sins

Verde Pizza Light

578 Calories29 Sins

Vesuvio - Vipizza

1145 Calories57 Sins

Vesuvio Pizza (Classic)

1045 Calories52 Sins

Zilli Meat Chef's Pizza (V.I. Pizza)

1345 Calories67 Sins
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